Handwriting Analysis Of DC Madam's Suicide Notes

ON, MAY 1st 2008, so called DC Madam Deborah Jean Palfrey was found hanging in a utility shed at her mother’s mobile home in Tarpon Springs, Florida. A couple suicide notes were found.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Division has stated officially that it had been a suicide and made the notes community. The Sheriff’s Division says that her mom and sister have observed the suicide notes and say that it is Deborah’s handwriting.

As a qualified Handwriting Analyst, my schooling experience includes examining composing found on suicide notes. The normal suicide note shows personality traits that are emotional dynamics of a suicide state. Depression, low self esteem, moodiness, and impulsiveness disclose someone who may work in a personal destructive manor. It is the combination of such traits that tell the hidden tale of that which was going through their mind when they wrote the note.

There are a couple limiting factors to my analysis. I do not have use of the original notes. Without them, I am struggling to discern the depth of pressure of the composing. Pressure indicates the passion and drive in the personality. Heavy pressured - http://www.Trainingzone.Co.uk/search/Heavy%20pressured writing would display someone who has a challenge letting go of emotional hurt. In this exam, the letters seem relatively heavy, but I can’t be totally absolutely sure. I also do not have a sample of Palfrey’s handwriting to see how she normally wrote.

There is an overlapping of letters in one another, especially the y-loops. This reveals confusion of interests. “Way too many pans in the fire”

Block printing – the hiding expression of accurate emotions in the writing. Often a sign of trouble, especially if other traits are .

There aren't many lower case letters but the few that can be measured have a emotionally expressive slant. This person shows her emotions, is commonly moody and impulsive. But this by itself is not a thing that would cause you to definitely commit suicide.

There are only a few lower case t’s. They possess low t-bars. The elevation of the t-bar crossing the t-stem is an over-all measure of the writer’s self esteem. The t-bars are low, some have the bar dropping right down to the “baseline” which may be the bottom level of the letters.

In the Palfrey’s notes, there is no sign of depression. Depression sometimes appears by the downward slant of a type of words. Optimism on the other hand is exposed in upward slanting terms, like the word “Mother” in the greeting on the mom-note.

If you liked this post and you would such as to obtain additional details pertaining to Shae Summers - https://www.eporner.com/pornstar/shae-summers/ kindly visit our own webpage. The o’s are open and well formed. This means that that the writer is usually a frank speaker. No lying or self-deception are indicated.

Most of the y’s have got large lower loops extending into the words underneath. Large lower loops indicate strong physical imagination. Lots of energy in the physical life. Desire to have travel, physical activity. People with large y-loops frequently have solid sex drives. That is an interesting element. I've analyzed handwriting in autographs of porn superstars and was surprised to find small or incomplete y-loops. Meaning very little real need for sex, or even feeling frustration in that area. This is a generalization but sex employees often have no real interest in sex. They are actually in it your money can buy.

Y-loops that overlap on other phrases often indicate promiscuity. They possess way too many ‘irons in the fire”. Romantic relationships with several people at the same time. Life is challenging for them. In addition, it reveals a issue with setting personal boundaries.

The "K" in the term ‘find out’ in the first sentence of mother note is bigger than normal. This is a rebellious “go to Hell” trait usual in self employed people. They dislike being told how to proceed.

Hooks by the end of many strokes are the desire to acquire. These folks like material things. They are motivated by money. They often are collectors. They could have closets full of shoes. Material points were very important to her.

Bottom line – for me there is no clear indication of a suicidal condition in the handwriting. There are several problems but not to the severe usually found in a suicide note. The language is very casual. If it was not for the conditions surrounding the notes and what's being talked about, I would almost think it had been somebody saying she was heading away on vacation for some time. “Bye Mom, I’m heading away for a while. See you later.”

Whatever the circumstances of her death, I know that this is a hard time for her loved ones. I am sorry for your reduction and pray that you discover peace and healing.


David Riffey

Certified Handwriting Analyst