Make a list of all tests performed in the laboratory


An essential part of quality management is the standardization of all the routine procedures taking place in the laboratory. A major aspect of standardization is development of Standard Operation Procedures for all these routine procedures and making sure that everybody always acts according to these SOPs.

In phase 2 the complete primary process will be standardized. In phase 1 we focus on writing SOPs for operating equipment and for all the testing performed in the laboratory.

A first step in writing SOPs for tests is making a list of all the tests performed so you know which SOPs you have to write.


Make a list for all tests performed in the laboratory. When requested, this list can also be provided to clients to inform them on which tests are performed at the laboratory.

How & who

Quality Project Team:

  1. Make a list with the official names of all the tests that are currently routinely performed in the laboratory.
  2. Use this list for the next activity.

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ISO15189:2007: 5.5.3 5.5.6
ISO15189:2012: 5.5.3